About Us

First Vape is an online electronic cigarette vendor based in Vancouver, Canada as well as having USA and international shipping operations in Blaine, Washington.  Our goal is to help inform and educate newcomers to this life changing technology, and get them started on the right foot with quality equipment at great prices, as well as providing honest and trustworthy advice along the way.

I first tried using an electronic cigarette (or "vaping" as it is generally referred to) in August 2012.  I wasn't trying to quit smoking, but being a gadget lover, I was mostly just curious to see what it was all about.  I first began reading about the various electronic cigarette options on the internet, and was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of hardware and terminology.  But one common theme that was always present - people absolutely raved about vaping.  "Life changing", "never thought it was possible", and "can't believe how easy it was to switch" are expressions that came up on forum after forum.  (Yes, these statements sound like something out of an incredibly cheesy advertisement, but these comments were all coming from regular people from all walks of life who were simply incredibly passionate about a product - go online and you will find the same enthusiasm and more, I guarantee it). 

Eventually, I had done so much reading I felt like I was suffering from information paralysis, and I'd never be able to make a decision where to start.  So, I decided to just jump in head first - I bought some gear from both the local flea market as well as various online vendors.  It took quite some time plus lots more reading and fiddling around to figure out how all the various devices worked.  Much of what I initially bought turned out to be junk or outdated, but I once I actually got my hands on a good device, I finally understood what people were talking about, and I too realized this technology was absolutely revolutionary.  Within a month, I had smoked my last cigarette, without even trying really.  Other than my initial cigarette with my morning coffee when I first woke up (the highlight of my day), I just kind of forgot about them - vaping had completely overpowered the attraction of cigarettes.  Today, smoking is just a distant memory.

All told, I spent well over $300 on my initial devices and accessories, most of which have sat unused in the closet since the first disappointing usage.  On top of that, I had spent countless hours reading and educating myself on all the different options, technology, and confusing terminology.  To a technical gadget love like me it was all worth it of course, but while going through this process, I knew a lot of people didn't have the time, patience, or interest to go through all this confusing hassle - they just want to know what works.  I decided to start this website to help people cut through all the confusion and complication surrounding electronic cigarettes.  My goal is to present in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, the essential information you need to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, and at a price that won't break the bank.

The products you'll find on this site are all latest technology, high quality, "best of breed" options that are a great choice for the first time vaper.  If you spend some time reading online forums (which I highly recommend, if you have plenty of spare time and are the curious sort), you'll find that the products and brands we carry are the exact same ones recommended in forums time after time.  There are most definitely higher end, exotic looking, and more expensive alternatives available (which you may very well graduate to as you become more familiar with the technology), but in most cases you will use those in addition to the setups available here.  Buyer's remorse is one thing you do not have to worry about when you order from First Vape - that is our promise to you.

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